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This is a strange globe. It has an eye in its centre and looks at its own surface like a fish observing a boat’s hull. This is a virtual image, both true and false.

I made this globe to illustrate a story that I made up to explain to myself why we placed God in the sky. There was once a little man who was jealous of everything. One day he imagined that the earth was looking under his wife’s skirts, so he realized that she could also see all his mean little deeds, and so in the hope that help might come from heaven he set a god up there.

Since then the earth has the « evil eye ».





This globe, although it surprises people a lot, is still not strange enough for my taste.

I made it at a time when I was interested in slightly « twisted » metallic structures (Euler’s surfaces and so on).

After seeing one of Jean-Pierre Petit’s cartoons, I imagined a buoy-like shape on which to transfer the map of the world, , just to see what it could look like on such a structure (in actual fact and not just in a drawing).

I made many attempts to produce that type of surface, that are still lying about at the back of my studio, without being able to put a single map on any of them.

My impression is that plane images of such a surface produce a flattering effect that no realization in volume can equal. I am also certain that sculptures of that type of surface are « cheats » ( In fact I’ve always cheated in order to be able to complete this type of volumetric structure).

To get back to that globe, it refers to a game that I often play, in which I mix easily recognizable images with their reflection in a mirror. (Draw an arrow pointing to the left and write « left » in mirrored writing and you’ll see… reason boggles).


One of my favourite mental games consists in imagining that optical instruments, with all the optical lenses and mirrors that go into their making, could have misled us since their invention, giving us a false picture of the earth. However, anyone who wants to set my vision the « right way up » will have to give me a journey in a space ship so that I can find out for myself.

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