Sabine Réthoré 1998-2020?


Crédit Photos : Christine Gorce

Mediterranean without Borders



Download the map under Free Art License 1.3

Download the map under Free Art License 1.3


The Mediterranean map hasn't been published for at least 15 years

due to profitability. This document no longer exists for the public. It cannot be folded on a table and is no longer the object of real off-screen debate.


I am an artist, and I often wonder about the presentation of these places in map making. I know I'm not the only one who thinks it's terribly sad that the mediterranean can no longer be seen in real (what we can view without the intermediary of a smile and a screen).

I could not bear it any longer, so I began setting about tracing the lines, routes, rivers, railroads. I ignored the borders: the only thing that symbolically divides men. I was thus contented with tracing the thousands of lines which link them with the thousands of points or places of exchange: towns, little ones, big ones...


The project has only just begun; we are searching volonteers to transcript it into all the alphabets used in our regions. The map should be printed in even larger quantities.