Sabine Réthoré 1998-2020?

Two wooden structures are assembled around a metallic axe.

The tapered segments are cut out of light wood.

The globe begins to take shape, but is far from finished.

It is slowly coated with wood pulp on a bench specially made for checking the rotundity of the sphere. Little by little it becomes spherical.

Its equilibrium is then tested and corrected. Coatings of plaster are applied to do away with the slightest asperity.

The paper is glued on to the sphere once the necessary volume has been obtained.

The painting and the calligraphy take two months to achieve.

The seas’ beds are traced according to their true contour lines, the frontiers made apparent by the use of different colours.

The image of the Earth has taken shape. The calligraphy in Indian ink can begin when all the frontiers and rivers have been drawn in.


Photographs taken during the construction of a globe for the Plaza Athénée in Paris.

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